The First Food Mashup Of 2014: The Cragel

Another trendy food assignment for me!  And we told you they were coming: more food mash-ups for 2014. This may be the first of the bunch. It’s the “cragel.” Hot on the heels of the […]


Deb's daughter Sarah started gymnastics at 6 (Deb Rodriguez/CBS Radio)

CrossFit Workouts Available To 3 Year Olds In Williamsburg And Hunter’s Point

What ever happened to ballet and karate? Now there’s a brand new exercise craze for the kinder set that has them copying their hipster moms and dads. CrossFit is being offered at a gym in Hunter’s Point and Williamsburg to children as young as three years old!


(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images for Film4)

Free Movie Wednesday: Willy Wonka, Viewer’s Choice In Williamsburg And More!

Where has the summer gone? As we get through the dog days, we already have some of our free movies wrapping up for the season! Tonight is your last chance to catch a flick in Williamsburg, but there’s other great films taking place too!


Photo by Teresa Lee/Getty Images

CBGB Plans on Reopening Reeaaal Soon

Listen up folks, some rumors are worth the spreadin’! Especially this tasty morsel about the iconic music club CBGB reopening, which closed on October 15, 2006 after lengthy disputes over back rent between owner Hilly […]