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Mr. G’s Hot Wednesday In October Forecast

Make sure you dress accordingly today because, dare we say, it’s going to be HOT! Mr. G is calling for temperatures just shy of 90 degrees in some areas, and yes, it’s still early October! […]



Mr. G’s Start To October (But Feels More Like August) Forecast

Happy October! Didn’t think you’d have to keep the shorts and tank tops out for a little while longer, did you? Mr. G says the warm-up is underway and will be felt most on Wednesday when […]


Mr. G at the Brooklyn Brownstone School!

Mr. G’s Monday Forecast: Big Warming Trend As We Say Goodbye To September

If you can’t let go of summer, this forecast is for you! Mr. G says we are in the middle of a warming trend as we say goodbye to September and hello to October, with […]


Mr. G looking sharp in his Jets jersey back in High School!

Mr. G’s First Full Weekend Of Fall Forecast

The amazing early fall weather continues! Mr. G says this pattern of no rain and comfortable temperatures will continue through the weekend and at least through the middle of next week! Great time to have […]


Retro Mr. G!

Mr. G’s Thursday Forecast: Another Picture Perfect Day

There’s no end in sight to this gorgeous weather, according to Mr. G! Expect no rain and comfortable temperatures somewhere in the 70’s all the way through the early part of next week! Intervals of […]


Another retro Mr. G photo!

Mr. G’s Wednesday Forecast: Typical Early Fall Sunshine

Another nice day ahead, and Mr. G says this will be the status quo through the weekend! When will the fabulous weather get de-railed? Not any time soon!


Another Mr. G throwback!

Mr. G’s Tuesday Forecast: Comfortable Fall Weather Continues

Simple forecast for the next 3-4 days as the temperatures will remain consistent and the sun will reign supreme! These conditions are typical for this time of year: Sunny and cool today with highs near […]


Mr. G and 94 year old marathon runner Fred Benson!

Mr. G’s Pleasant First Monday Of Fall Forecast

Fall is officially here and today’s chill in the air will definitely let you know! Mr. G says the cool weather looks to be here to stay although it will warm up just a bit […]


Another successful year of project backpack!

Mr. G’s Last Weekend Of Summer Forecast

Mr. G is calling for a mixed bag for the last couple of days of summer, with a nice Friday, rain late on Saturday dragging into Sunday morning before an afternoon recovery. Sunny and pleasant […]


Is that a cloud? There's not supposed to be a cloud! I didn't predict a cloud. Is that a cloud? - John Donatelli Jr.

Mr. G’s Thursday Forecast: One More Glorious Late Summer Day

Mr. G says one more day of this comfortable, sunny late summer weather before the threat of showers takes over for most of the weekend. Patchy morning fog will move out quickly, then another sunny […]