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High School Footballer Apollos Hester’s Words of Inspiration

It would be incredibly refreshing if this kind of speech would be made in the NFL!

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A Motorcycle, A Mercedes, and An Audi Drive Into An Intersection…

Here’s a question for all of our fans who like to cruise around on their little motorcycles… WHY?


Little Girl Likes Daddy With A Beard, That Other Guy Is a Complete Stranger

Sometimes you just have to make fun of the innocence of a child. Case in point: This dad who decided to freak out his daughter while playing a game of peek-a-boo!


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Exasperated Kid Is Exasperated

“What were you thinking? This makes no sense!”


Baby Bears Take Over Golf Course with Crippling Cuteness

Sure, it slowed down their round, but it was totally worth it!


FYI: Volcanos Are Powerful. You’re Welcome

Two volcano videos came across our Internets today thanks to our pals over at The Blaze, so we thought we would remind our listeners about the awesome power of nature that you’ll never have to deal with […]


SA Wardega 0n YouTube

Polish Filmmaker Scares the Hell Out of Passersby with “Mutant Giant Spider Dog”

Watch as Wardega’s victims run for their lives after coming across his “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” (which is just a small, short-legged dog who obviously just LOVES people – dressed up as an adorable, giant tarantula).


Man’s Personal Quadcopter “Drone” Has Run In with Wild Ram

When YouTube user Buddhanz1 took his quadcopter out for a spin, he happened upon a foraging ram, just doing his thing in the brush. The ram didn’t exactly enjoy the visit, so he gave it a little nudge.


(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Al Sharpton Vs the Teleprompter

Enjoy these videos of Mr. Sharpton in epic battles with his dreaded teleprompter.


Watch Out for the Little Guy: Mongoose Takes On Pride of Lions!

Let’s just call this your adorable dog video of the day…




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