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Motorcyclist Crashes, Flips Onto Car That Cut Him Off – TADA!

Thank your lucky stars and stripes you don’t have to drive in Mother Russia. The traffic laws are sketchy to say the least – at least that’s what the internet would lead you to believe.


Via YouTube

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday: Little Girl Let’s Her Pacifier Go Bye Bye

Saying goodbye to your childhood is never an easy task. But saying goodbye to something as intimate as your pacifier as a child usually ends up with a whole lot of crying and kicking and screaming. Not for little Cora though. She sends off her binky in one of the best ways possible.


via YouTube

Little Boy Gets a Butterfly Surprise

Watch as this little boy protests at first, but eventually lets his little friend walk all over his face!


"I'm outta here!" Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Kayakers Fly Down Drainage Ditch at 45MPH

Looking for some fun in the sun this weekend? Mr G just might be taking in some of this extreme, drainage ditch kayaking if he can get one more person to go along.


(Photo: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Only In Oklahoma: Drunk Teacher Shows Up To Class With No Pants

Yes, you read that right, an Oklahoma teacher showed up to her first day of work totally sauced and missing her pants.


via WNEP-TV on YouTube

‘Apparently,’ This Is The Cutest Kid Ever

Apparently, Little Noah doesn’t really know the best way to use the word ‘apparently’ just yet, but since he’s only five we’ll let it slide.


Has Everybody Heard, About the… Seal? Surfin’ Seeeeeeaaal!

It’s probably one of the most insanely adorable things we’ve ever seen. And now we all want to own a seal as a pet!


Happiness, In Dog Form!

There’s really nothing like going home after a hard days work, popping on the tube and relaxing to your favorite show. Unless you’re a dog with a happy home, that is. He gets to do this all day, every day! Jealous?


(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Traaaaain! This Video Should Convince You To Stay OFF the Tracks!

A video has surfaced from the dash cam of a freight train traveling through rural Indiana which shows the daring and, frankly, miraculous escape of two women who were crossing a train bridge, on the tracks.


Little Girl Doesn’t Want Her Baby Brother To Grow Up

Growing old is no laughing matter for this little girl named Sadie, who is beside herself with sadness about her adorable baby brother getting older.




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