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‘Devil Baby’ (Devils Due NYC via YouTube)

Video: ‘Devil Baby’ Scares The Bejesus Out Of New Yorkers

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — This really is the baby from hell. Part of a viral ad campaign for an upcoming movie, the robotic baby pops up from its stroller and scares the living daylights out of unsuspecting New Yorkers.



Kid Dressed As Harry Potter Walks Through Penn Station, Hilarity Ensues

The viral video of the week we found is lots of fun because it involved one of my favorite film franchises and it happened right in our own back yard!


Prancercise! (Louis Pulice/CBS Radio)

Prancercise Becoming The Latest Workout Sensation

Are you sick of the same old work-out? Check out the latest craze straight from Coral Springs, Florida.


(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Making A Splash At Prom: Which Celeb Would YOU Ask Out Through Youtube?

For kids all over the tri-state, it’s almost prom time. Some guys and gals are probably down in the dumps because they don’t have a date. But through the power of pleading on Youtube, YOU have a good chance of taking a celebrity this year!



Youtube Video ‘The Gallon Smash Prank’ Gaining Popularity

There’s a new trend overtaking the “Harlem Shake” for viral video status. Some may say it’s hilarious, most will say it’s pretty dangerous and everyone will agree it’s a waste of milk! It’s called the “Gallon Smash Prank” and it’s competing with previous youtube sensations. See it here and tell us what you think.


Producer Louis' little witch, Morganna

Dog Shaming: The Cutest Way Ever To Get ‘Revenge’ On Your Naughty Pooch

The cutest way ever to teach your dog who’s boss may have been unearthed. ‘Dog-Shaming’ sounds like something bad, but it’s a website where owners submit cute photos of their dogs with a “confession note” attached!


Stock image.

Joe Causi’s Video Of The Week: Music Draws Reaction From Old Man In Nursing Home

Music has the uncanny ability to fit perfectly into our lives no matter what the situation may be. It can turn our frowns upside down, help us cope with loss, aid us with that extra […]



Causi’s Video Of The Week: Geriatric Gymnastics

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? A little stiff when you finally get on your feet? Maybe even a pain here and there? Before you start complaining, watch […]


These turtles must have done something awesome! (Youtube)

See The Video: Two Turtles Giving A High Five Under Water!

It’s always fun to see animals behave like humans, so you could only imagine what one of the turtles did in this video to cause the other to give him a high five!


Black Friday chaos caught on camera (Youtube)

See All The Black Friday Madness Caught On Camera

The numbers are big for the holiday weekend that just passed: 226 million people shopped in stores and online between Thursday and Sunday, up from 212 million last year. Black Friday broke records in the […]