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Woman Insults Husbands Penis On Family Feud: “I come from a weird place, sometimes!”

Ladies… try not to call out your poor husbands on national television, PLEASE! The worst part of this whole thing… no other women polled gave this answer. Poor guy!


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Ping Pong Ball Wizard: Let’s Hope This Kid Goes To College!

We’re pretty sure this kid is going to clean up in college! Although, maybe he should start spinning around for a few minutes before he tries this… you know, for college realism.


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News Anchors Have Absolutely Nothing To Do When Not Reading Their Words

What do YOU think newscasters do during commercial breaks? You would hope they would be researching the stories that are about to scare the heck out of you… but no. They’re acting like a bunch of children.


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Fearless Fräulein Defies All Odds on the Ocktoberfest “Devil’s Wheel”

Watch as this fearless fräulein defies all odds while she dodges, dips, ducks, dives and dodges everything that is hurled her way, eventually winning…. something. Who knows?


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Little Girl Sings “Let Me Poop” To Frozen’s “Let It Go”

This next video, by a little girl named Emily, will have you looking at the song differently from now on.


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Budweiser’s ‘Friends Are Waiting’ Ad Will Make You Cry, Never Drink Again

The message is incredibly powerful… and this writer will be sure to never pick up a beer again. Nice work, ad agency. This Bud’s for you.


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High School Footballer Apollos Hester’s Words of Inspiration

It would be incredibly refreshing if this kind of speech would be made in the NFL!


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A Motorcycle, A Mercedes, and An Audi Drive Into An Intersection…

Here’s a question for all of our fans who like to cruise around on their little motorcycles… WHY?


Little Girl Likes Daddy With A Beard, That Other Guy Is a Complete Stranger

Sometimes you just have to make fun of the innocence of a child. Case in point: This dad who decided to freak out his daughter while playing a game of peek-a-boo!


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Exasperated Kid Is Exasperated

“What were you thinking? This makes no sense!”