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Causi’s Video Of The Week: 10-Year-Old’s First K40 Ski Jump!

Everybody needs to face their fears at some point in their life, whether it’s riding a motorcycle, bungee jumping, or having dinner with your in-laws. But when you’re a ten-year-old girl standing at the top […]


Number 200 for Paul McCartney

Not only was Tuesday night’s Paul McCartney show in Utah the first time he’d ever played that state, it marked the 200th performance for McCartney and his band. The group came together in 2002 for […]


McCartney Makes First Utah Appearance

Here’s a [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm] fact you may have not known!  [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm] has never performed in the state of Utah!  Even though he’s been performing and making music since the 60’s, one place he’s never […]