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Star Trek's Lt. Worf (CBS/Getty Images)

5 Lessons Republicans (and Democrats) Can Learn From Klingons

They’ve made lots of mistakes in the future, so that you don’t have to make them in the present. What was that sound? Oh, just the space-time continuum ripping.



Watch and Learn, Chappie: 10 Robots that Saved the World

These ARE the droids you’re looking for!


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7 Fascinating Star Trek Quotes From Spock You Should Remember Forever

Leonard Nimoy, famously known as the incomparably logical Spock from the Star Trek television show and movies, passed away this morning at his home in Los Angeles the age of 83. The cause of death, confirmed […]

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5 Songs That Leonard Nimoy Sang Like a Boss

His popularity on Star Trek made it possible for Nimoy to record and to perform some very memorable versions of popular songs.


Leonard Nimoy as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock

‘Live Long and Prosper': Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83

Nimoy boiled his life story down to three sentences: “Born in Boston. Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek.”


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Watch Now: Paul McCartney’s Star-Studded ‘Queenie Eye’ Video

The clip for “Queenie Eye” was filmed at Abbey Road Studios earlier this month and sees him recording the track in what he thinks is an empty studio (Studio 2). As the video progresses, hijinks ensue in the form of surprising celebrity cameos including Jude Law, Meryl Streep, Tracy Ullman, Jeremy Irons, Tom Ford, Chris Pine, Alice Eve and–much to the delight of the paparazzi–former paramours Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.


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Make It So: A ‘Star Trek’ Playlist

It’s the weekend Trekkies have been waiting for since 2009’s cinematic reboot of the enduring sci-fi series. The latest Star Trek flick, Star Trek: Into Darkness, is out now, giving us a perfect excuse to put together a Trek playlist. Since Trek doesn’t feature rock music, we figured we’d go with rock stars who have actually appeared in Trek (what, you missed Mick Fleetwood’s turn as a fish-like creature in Star Trek: The Next Generation?), as well as famous fans of the series.


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Season One Of Star Trek: The Next Generation Out Today On Blu-Ray!

Dan Taylor’s pick of the week is a no brainer for Star Trek fans, it’s the entire season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first time in high definition!


Leonard Nimoy on The big Bang Theory! (CBS-TV)

Leonard Nimoy Guest Stars On The Big Bang Theory TONIGHT!

The episode of The Big Bang Theory that everyone has been waiting for finally airs tonight! Get the scoop on Leonard Nimoy’s epic encounter with Sheldon!


Mr. G and DT - as a Vampire and Harry Potter!

Halloween Costume Suggestions Based On Your Sign

We are just one week away from Halloween, so it’s time to get that costume! One of Mr. G’s favorite astrology sites has Halloween costume suggestions based on your sign!