‘Sesame Street’ To Run On HBO For 5 SeasonsNEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — “Sesame Street” is on the move – with plans to team with HBO for the next five seasons.
Everyone Looks Haunted in the 'True Detective' Season Two Trailer: WatchThe new 'True Detective' trailer gives an idea of the tone and content of the second installment of the Emmy winning series.
Jeff Garlin Reveals Future of Curb Your Enthusiasm "Up To Larry David's Whimsy"
HBO Cancels 'Looking', But Isn't Done With It Just YetThe show was well-loved by critics, but ultimately, it's viewership wavered too much to sustain itself. However, there's a twist.
Steven Schirripa Breaks Down His Version of The Sopranos Final SceneSteven Schirripa (Bobby Bacala) has his own take on the final episode and, more importantly, the final scene of the hit HBO series.
Steven Schirripa Began Taking Acting Classes AFTER Landing Role On 'The Sopranos'Normally, lottery winners see a dramatic influx of cash from the start, which wasn't the case for Schirripa during the show's first season.
Steve Buscemi Talks Nucky Thompson & Boardwalk Empire's Final Season with Brad Blanks' Giant HeadBig Show celebrity reporter Brad Blanks went along to the red carpet premiere of Boardwalk Empire in NYC, excited about interviewing Steve Buscemi, a man who doesn’t suffer fools. Good luck, Brad!
The Best Music From 'The Sopranos'Some of the best music was saved for the end credits, serving as an exclamation point for each episode. Here are some of the best songs used on The Sopranos.
Remembering James Gandolfini: Tony Soprano Sings Along To WCBS-FMAs we look back on a great career from a great actor, we also need to look at the impact The Sopranos had on pop culture and music.
Tributes And Local Reaction To The Death Of James GandolfiniIt was a shock to everyone when word broke yesterday that "Sopranos" star James Gandolfini had died of a heart attack in Italy at the way-too-young age of 51, and the world is reacting to his passing.
The Hottest Baby Names Of 2013 (So Far)Another baby name survey is out, and if Nameberry's statistics are right, we are going to have much different names for our children and their friends!
Al Pacino Yells A Lot In Trailer For HBO's Phil Spector Biopic"I've played this game a million times before! I know how the game is played!" Al Pacino bellows during a meltdown in the trailer for HBO's upcoming Phil Spector biopic, in which he plays the starring role. app
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