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iPhone 5 Rumors Continue, Confirm Earlier Reports

Rumors, rumors rumors… They keep swirling around the new iPhone! Bloomberg.com is getting in on the action, releasing info yesterday that confirms previous rumors about the iPhone 5 and gives new info about the rumored […]


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Social Networking Files Being Saved, Could Cost You A Job

Be extra careful with your social network profiles, because your content is being saved and can come back to haunt you! This news is especially important to anyone who is looking for a job!


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New Features Coming With iPhone’s iOS5

Overlooked by the details about the new iCloud system, Steve Jobs unveiled the new iOS 5 mobile operating system, which has big upgrades!


Major E-mail Breach Could Bring Extra Spam

Despite the light-hearted picture above, this is a serious matter you should know about. A huge security breach has exposed the names and email addresses of customers of major brands.


Star Wars 3D Movies Finally Announced For Theaters

The announcement Star Wars fans have been waiting for is here…Lucasfilm has officially announced the 3D theatrical re-release of ALL the Star Wars movies!


Facebook Taking On Google

Facebook has launched what they call a “modern messaging system.” “Facebook mail” won’t completely replace email, but they feel they have a service to compete with their arch rivals Google and their Gmail service.


Is Your Smartphone Getting You Sick?

  Be careful when handling your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Droid because they can be hazardous to your health. Research out of Stanford University suggests a cell phone has 18 times the amount of bacteria […]


Father And Son From Brooklyn Launch iPhone Into Space

A father and son from Brooklyn attached an iPhone to a weather balloon and sent it up to the stratosphere a few weeks ago to record a video of the earth’s curvature.   When the […]