Dialogue 101: Parkinson’s Awareness MonthDeb Gordon’s guest was Dr. James Beck, Ph.D, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at the Parkinson’s Foundation which funds research and offers a variety of support services for patients and their families.
Dialogue 101: Tourette Association of AmericaDeb Gordon’s guest was Dr. Kevin McNaught, Executive Vice President of Research and Medical Programs for the Tourette Association of America, a non-profit based in New York that strives to make life better for those affected by Tourette syndrome and tic disorders.
Dialogue 101: LiveOn NY - Making New York a Better Place to AgeDeb Gordon’s guest was Karol Tapias, Associate Executive Director of LiveOn NY, which strives to improve the lives of older New Yorkers, many of whom are facing economic insecurity, and do not avail themselves of the benefits to which they are entitled.
Dialogue 101: INCLUDEnycDeb Gordon’s guest was Gennarose Pope Director of Communications and Outreach at INCLUDEnyc, a non-profit founded in 1983 by three mothers of disabled children who had difficulty finding resources for them, and is dedicated to advocating on behalf of children and young adults with disabilities.
Dialogue 101: St. John's Bread and Life Holiday ProgramDeb Gordon’s guest was Anthony Butler, Executive Director of St. John’s Bread and Life, a non-profit that serves over 2,500 meals to hungry New Yorkers daily and also strives to ensure that the needy are treated with dignity and respect.
Dialogue 101: Hungerthon 2016Deb Gordon’s guest was Noreen Springstead, Executive Director of WhyHunger, a leading global hunger organization with the mission to fight against hunger through various programs.
Dialogue 101: The Christopher & Dana Reeve FoundationDeb Gordon’s guest was Peter Wilderotter, President and CEO of The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation a New Jersey non-profit dedicated to curing spinal cord injury, and was started after Mr. Reeve became spinal cord injured in 1995.
Dialogue 101: Laurie Tisch Discusses the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund and New York Women’s Foundation HonorDeb Gordon’s guest was philanthropist Laurie M. Tisch, Founder and President of the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, which supports innovative strategies to address long standing problems in New York and works to provide access and opportunity to all New Yorkers.
Dialogue 101: Junior Achievement of New YorkDeb Gordon’s guest was Joseph Peri, President of Junior Achievement of New York (JANY), which is a non profit organization dedicated to educating young people about business, economics and entrepreneurship.
Dialogue 101: We Are Family Foundation (WAFF)Deb Gordon’s guest was Nancy Hunt, who co-created the We Are Family Foundation, with life partner, music legend Nile Rodgers.
Dialogue 101: One Hundred Black Men, Inc. of New YorkDeb Gordon’s guest was Michael J. Garner, President of One Hundred Black Men, Inc. of New York, which is a not for profit founded in 1963 in New York by a 100 leading community members including former New York Mayor David Dinkins, to address the issues of concern in the African American community and come up with solutions to these issues.

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