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Brand New Little Brother Wonders Where His Sister’s “Weenie” Is

Another video in the Internet’s series of kids-meeting-their-new-siblings has surfaced, this time showing the cutest little brother ever meeting his little sister for the first time… And wondering where her “weenie” is!

14 hours ago

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Price Is Right Contestant Takes Celebrating To New Heights

Watch as a contestant named Eliot celebrates his epic winning on Monday’s show. He won a total of $59,187 in cash and prizes and also won the coveted Showcase Showdown!

16 hours ago

(Photo: Joe Cingrana, WCBS-FM/CBS Local)

Neil Diamond Nearly Broke Down Into Tears Upon Returning To Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn

Diamond arrived at his old school, Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, for the first time in decades. The tears that accompanied his return after such a prolonged absence were a welcome addition.


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Weatherman vs Dog: Dog Wins

“Ripple” already knows the weather: There’s a 100% chance he’s a dog and wants to play with that red rope and not do your stupid weather, Mike.


(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Bob Saget Failed At His Attempt To Become A Doctor Before Taking On Hollywood

Before finding success in show business, Saget’s dreams were lofty, but not as far-fetched as the Hollywood dream.


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Pumpkin Festival/Riot Reporter Gets the Business from Irate Organizer

Ms Sterling, you need to learn a little about the freedom of the press. Or, move to North Korea. You can strongarm their pumpkin festival reporters all you like.


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Ohio State Marching Band Breaks Out the Classic Rock

Watch as the Ohio State marching band performs some classic rock hits, including songs by KISS, The Who, Van Halen and more, during the October 18th Buckeyes game versus Rutgers University.


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And Now, the CUTEST Touchdown, EVER!

Just watch as these kids dive and fail to stop the powerhouse that is GABE!


(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

“Happy Days'” Donny Most Talks “Singing & Swinging” To Sinatra and Dean Martin!

Long ago are Ralph Malph’s “Happy Days,” but there’s a new show in town where you could catch Donny Most. The Brooklyn native joined Scott Shannon and the crew on the Big Show star phone [...]


(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Minnie Driver On Music, Acting, and Her New Album “Ask Me to Dance”

It’s not always “About a Boy” for Minnie Driver. As a matter of fact, acting was not her first choice of career – it was singing.



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