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Derby The Disabled Dog Learns How To Run On 3D Printed Legs

If you take away a dog’s ability to run, you practically take away their livelihood. Even when you have a dog like Derby, who was born with underdeveloped front legs that prevented him from running, it’s still in their nature to scamp around on all fours.


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Cyclist Collides with Deer, Cyclist Wins

Always wear a helmet (with a camera on it), Buckaroos!


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Denver the Guilty Dog Strikes Again: Holiday Version!

You should remember our four-legged friend Denver, a golden retriever pup who has the hardest time looking inconspicuous when he’s done something wrong. This time, he’s back with a hunger for foamy Christmas balls!


Photo: Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

Sting Joins “The Last Ship” On Broadway

Sting joins Scott Shannon and Patty Steele in studio to talk about his role in the Broadway production of “The Last Ship.”


Photo: CBS-FM

Kevin Nealon Acknowledges The Importance Of The Internet, Still Has Love For The Craft Of Comedy

Nealon isn’t naive when it comes to the importance of the internet as a medium to reach audiences.



Best Sister Ever Demands Brother Be Put Back On Santa’s ‘Good List’

“I want him to be on the ‘good’ list. Change him on the ‘good’ list,” demands Rachel, the most adorable little sister ever.


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The Chosen Parody: Jewish A Capella Group Remakes Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ For Hanukkah

Watch the video above and get ready to count up to eight, eight, eight, eight, eight.


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Watch This Adorable Puppy Grow Into A Full Grown Dog In 23 Seconds

Puppies grow into full grown dogs in what seems like the blink of an eye. But in the case of Sophia, it takes about 23 seconds, each one equally as adorable as the rest.


(DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

This Man Recorded His Time In Hell Stuck In An Elevator With A Crazy Person

“The remain calm isn’t going to happen.”



Paul Rosolie, The Guy Who Was Supposed To Be Eaten Alive By A Snake But Wasn’t, Calls Up Scott Shannon

“A lot of people are going off, but it’s all good,” began Rosolie. “When You work with wild animals, you can’t guarantee anything.”



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