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The Beatles drawn by Elliot Lobell for Minimation: Paul McCartney on George Harrison

Paul talks about his former bandmate's reluctance to do the promotional grind.

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John Lennon in Cannes on May 17, 1971 (AFP/Getty Images)

Dentist To Attempt To Clone John Lennon

This can’t be the guy John Lennon had in mind when he wrote “Doctor Robert”.

Paul McCartney (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney Sets Two U.S. Tour Dates With More to Follow

Tickets for two shows go on sale for fans registered with Paul’s website April 9 at 10 am local time.

AP Photo/Doug Pizac

This Week In History: Marvin Gaye’s Depression Led To A Big Hit

This Week In History: Marvin Gaye’s Depression Led To a Big Hit!


10 Songs From The ’60s That Must Be Played This Wedding Season

For a successful wedding, these ten songs from the 1960s must be included on the playlist. Consider this our wedding gift to you. It will be smooth sailing from here on out.

John Lennon (George Stroud/Express/Getty Images)

John Lennon’s Short Drawings, Doodles and Short Stories Going Up For Auction

The collection is called “You Might Well Arsk,” and that’s not a typo.

(Tyrone Lebon for RCA Records)

Miley Cyrus is Recording a Beatles Cover With the Flaming Lips

Miley Cyrus is teaming up with the Flaming Lips for a new song. Well, actually it isn’t new at all. It’s actually 46 years old.

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20 Songs From The ’60s That Your Kids Should Know By Heart

These are twenty songs from the 1960s that, at one point in time, were the life of the party and now it’s up to you to teach them to your children and make them appreciate them.

The Beatles in 1964 (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

This Week In History: Meet The Beatles

The music history books are vast and full of interesting bits of knowledge. “Big” Jay Sorensen gives you a recap of the biggest and most interesting music news from the week; something from the 1960s, [...]

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VOTE: Chicago’s Greatest Songs Of All Time

We try to keep the travesties at a minimum at CBS-FM, so we’re going to let you do the talking, and by talking we mean voting.

Aretha Michael

Turntable Tuesday: A Chart-Topping Collaboration Between George Michael And Aretha Franklin

Although the song was a trophy project for George, it served Aretha well, too. It was her first #1 hit since 1967′s “Respect.”

AP Photo/George Brich

Turntable Tuesday: Celebrating A Yankees Win With The ‘Y.M.C.A’

With the Yankees’ successful home opener yesterday — they beat the Orioles 4-2 — let’s give the groundskeepers some respect. Since the mid-’90s, they’ve been doing the “Y.M.C.A.” dance as they groom the field during the 7th inning stretch.

AP Photo/Daniel Hulshizer

VOTE: The Greatest Musicians From New Jersey Of All Time

New Jersey, it’s your time to shine. You catch a pretty bad rap from people outside of the Garden State, thinking they know what you’re really about: you’re a bunch of mob guys like on [...]

AP Photo/Doug Pizac

Turntable Tuesday: A Salute To Soul Legend Marvin Gaye

Today, we pay tribute to Marvin Gaye on the 30th anniversary of his death. As an iconic voice of the Motown era, Marvin’s catalog is one of the label’s greatest achievements.