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Frankie Valli’s Entire Career Has Been A Vacation

“People always come to me and say, ‘Do you ever take time to go on a vacation?’ I’ve been on vacation,” says Valli. “It’s been my entire career so, I mean, what could be better than that?”


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A New Approach To Recording Lands Andy Kim A Spot On Letterman

The interest in Kim’s new album can be partially attributed to an unlikely studio partner.


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Aretha Franklin Recalls Gaining An Audience Before Selling Millions Of Records

As her 73rd birthday quickly approaches and with medical issues in the rear view, Aretha Franklin shows no signs of signaling a halt to her career.


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‘Mayhem’ Dean Winters Turned Down Allstate Job Three Times, Begins New Role In Vince Gilligan’s ‘Battle Creek’

Winters is best known as “Mayhem” from those Allstate commercials, but he also stars in ‘Breaking Bad’ creator Vince Gilligan’s new show ‘Battle Creek.’


Steven Schirripa (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM)

Steven Schirripa Breaks Down His Version of The Sopranos Final Scene

Steven Schirripa (Bobby Bacala) has his own take on the final episode and, more importantly, the final scene of the hit HBO series.


Supermodel #Selfie (Photo: Alessandra Ambrosio)

Model Alessandra Ambrosio Talks Up the ‘Victoria’s Secret Swim Special’ with Scott Shannon

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio stopped by the big show to chat with the crew about the highly anticipated 2015 Victoria’s Secret Swim Special — airing Thursday night at 10PM on CBS.


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Stage Fright Caused A Young Rick Springfield To Play With His Back To The Audience

For a multi-talented individual like Springfield, it would be easy to believe performing with countless pairs of eyes watching would be a non-issue.


Tom Green in studio (Photo: Tom Green)

Tom Green Recalls The Stunt That Landed Him A Show On MTV

Tom Green jokingly refers to his career as coming full circle: from public access, to MTV, and back into the humble confines of his living room.


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Barry Manilow Talks Finishing His Touring Career In Brooklyn & The ‘Jerk Phase’ Of Young Stars

We’re not sure how many miles Barry Manilow has traveled during his 40+ year career, but there comes a point in every musicians career when they become weary of the road. The age of 71 is that point for Manilow.