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5 Starr Classics: Ringo’s Essential Albums

Five of the strongest selections in this lengthy period of his discography, many of which included performances and songwriting credits from your purportedly favorites.


Matthew McConaughey Star Wars trailer reaction

Matthew McConaughey Reacts To New Star Wars Trailer And Captures All Of Our Feelings

Matthew McConaughey reacts to the new Star Wars trailer in the same exact way we did.


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James Taylor Announces First U.S. Tour Dates For New Album, ‘Before This World’

The first run of James Taylor tour dates are mostly along the East Coast, including Boston and Atlantic City.


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David Hasselhoff’s ‘True Survivor’ Music Video Is the Best Thing You’ll Ever See

You are not going to want to miss the following David Hasselhoff music video. No, really. You’re going to want to watch a David Hasselhoff music video. Sit down right now.


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‘Hunger Games’ Star Calls Out Taylor Swift, Katy Perry & Madonna for Appropriating Black Culture

Amandla Sternberg, who played Rue in ‘The Hunger Games,’ called out the ladies in a video for school.