Donald Trump’s Team Explains ‘Canceled’ Andrea Bocelli Inauguration Performance

By Amanda Wicks

There’s been some back-and-forth about who will perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on January 19th, but everything seemed settled when reports surfaced that Andrea Bocelli would sing.

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Those reports initially stated Trump had approached his long-time friend and asked him to participate, but then word began spreading that Bocelli had backed out. Now, Tom Barrack, the chairman of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, has clarified why Bocelli won’t be singing.

Because of their long-time friendship, Barrack explained how Bocelli approached Trump and offered to sing at the inauguration event. “[But] Donald said, ‘You don’t need to. We’re not in that kind of a framework. Thanks very much for the offer. You’re my friend. You are always welcome at the White House,'” Barrack told CNBC.

He added, “It never got to: Can you, will you, would you with either of them. They’re just great friends. And that was it.”

As of now, America’s Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho will perform the National Anthem.


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