Snoop Dogg Says Hell No to Hot Dogs

"If that's how they make hot dogs, I don't want one, I'm good."

By Amanda Wicks

Snoop Dogg proves you’re never to old to learn in a new Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment called “Howz It Mizzade.” The brief bit aired last night (July 28) and challenged the laid back California rapper to guess what product emerged from a process he watched on video.

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The video shows some kind of food being made, but Snoop has a hard time figuring out what it is. At first he thinks it’s cereal–specifically Cream of Wheat–before changing his answer to “maybe sheep hair,” which is a pretty significant leap into a different territory.

When the chunks and bits being processed become some kind of paste-like pink blob, he starts to get grossed out. “Ugh, what is that? Boo Boo?” he asks before offering up a few other ideas like, “flour, cookie dough, manure?” And finally, “chocolate malt.”

Then he learns what’s really being made, a hot dog, and he can’t believe it. “Dis is a hot dog?” he asks incredulously. “Oh gross, I ain’t never eatin’ a mother f—ing hot dog. Every time I see a mother f—ing BBQ with a plate with a hot dog on it, I’m knocking that out of his hand. If that’s how they make hot dogs, I don’t want one, I’m good,” Snoop says before dropping his head in disgust.

Well, he may not be off meat entirely, but it looks like Snoop’s future BBQs will feature hamburgers and ribs. We can’t say we blame him after watching that behind the scenes look at the popular food item.

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