James Brolin Admits He ‘Finally Found a Hit’ with CBS’ ‘Life In Pieces’

Joining us in the Big Show studio this morning was a man who’s been in the business for over five decades, EMMY and Golden Globe winning actor, Pee Wee Herman look-a-like and husband of Barbra Streisand — Mr. James Brolin!

Although Patty Steele was completely smitten by how good James looks at his age, he admits that he started seeing some “really raunchy pictures” of himself online and in tabloids. So he decided to get back into shape with the help of celebrity surfer Laird Hamilton.

“It’s been a pretty good change over a year,” Brolin said emphatically. “The guy, at 51,” still speaking of Hamilton, “can do anything. He’s unreal.”

As an actor, James has done just about everything he can – TV, movies, etc… but he laughingly said that he did some of them for rent during his early career and sometimes wishes he can take some of his projects back.

“Yeah, there’s a few I’d like to buy back and bury,” joked James. “I’ve advised my son [actor Josh Brolin], who you know is doing very well: What you don’t do is more important than what you do. And he’s been pretty good about his choices.”

Actor James Brolin in studio at the WCBS-FM studios in NYC with Scott Shannon in the Morning. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Local)

Actor James Brolin in studio at the WCBS-FM studios in NYC with Scott Shannon in the Morning. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Local)

[Photos] James Brolin In Studio

James’ latest project, the CBS sitcom Life In Pieces, has been picked up for a full 22 episode season. James admits that simply “laughter from the core” was what helped him decide to take it on.

“Over the last two years,” James says, “I had been submitted, for some reason, three half hour comedies for roles — and each one I went ‘that won’t fly, they’ll film it but it won’t get picked up’ — and this one I just said, ‘wow, after ten years I found one I think is going to be a hit.’ Because I had two pilots that didn’t sell.”

“I don’t like that at all,” laughed Brolin. “I’m very spoiled.”

Watch the full interview with James Brolin above.

You can catch James as family patriarch John Short in the CBS comedy Life in Pieces on it’s new time, Thursday night at 8:30 right after The Big Bang Theory.

James is also playing Tina Fey & Amy Poehler’s dad in the upcoming comedy Sisters coming out in December.


–Joe Cingrana/Shannon in the Morning–WCBS-FM


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