Ed Sheeran ‘The Opener’ Comes “Out Of Retirement” for the Rolling Stones

When British singer Ed Sheeran dropped by the Scott Shannon show this week, it was Ed’s seventh interview of the morning, with one more to go – a testament to his popularity at the moment with the number one album “X” in stores now, a 2014 GRAMMY nomination for Best New Artist and a sold out North American tour about to get underway later this summer.

At only 24-years-old, he must be feeling like a “drunk monkey,” as Scott Shannon put it, after going from an unknown artist to worldwide superstar “in about three seconds.” But Ed sees it a little differently. “I couldn’t get arrested here for the first 18 months,” Ed said about his reception in the states.

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Since his humble beginnings in the UK and later Los Angeles, Ed has been taking the stage with just his fantastic voice and an adorable little guitar – no bells and whistles, no full band and no “wardrobe malfunctions” for him – which turned out to be a bit of a hard sell for record labels.

“I think anything that isn’t an easy sell, is a hard sell to a record label,” Ed told Scott. “But, if labels take risks, the risks either don’t work or they pay off big time. Whereas if they go safe, it never really works.”

Coming up in Ed’s hectic schedule is an opening slot in Kansas City for the “world’s greatest rock band,” the Rolling Stones, during their Zip Code tour of North America on June 27th.

“That was a weird email to get, man” Ed admits. “I said to my manager, ‘let’s just do headlining gigs from now on, I think we’ve established ourselves enough.’ And then he came to me and was like, ‘are you sure you don’t want to open for anyone anymore?’ I was like, ‘no I think we’ve done that.'”

When his manager asked if he should say no to the request, he just had to know what the request actually was. Obviously, Ed decided to “come out of retirement” for the Stones.

“My dad never really swears,” Ed said about telling his father the news. “When I emailed him I just got ‘effing hell!’ back. So he’s flying over for it!”

What’s interesting to Scott and the crew is the fact that Ed wasn’t even born when the Rolling Stones ruled the airwaves in London and Europe. Ed joking responded that he wasn’t even born “when the Chili Peppers ruled the airwaves!”

Watch Ed’s video for his latest single “Photograph” below.

Keep up with Ed Sheeran on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and his official site.

–Joe Cingrana/Shannon in the Morning


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