Frankie Valli’s Entire Career Has Been A Vacation

The saying goes, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” If you ask Frankie Valli, not only has he never worked a day in his life, but he’s also been on a sixty-plus year sabbatical.

“People always come to me and say, ‘Do you ever take time to go on a vacation?’ I’ve been on vacation,” says Valli. “It’s been my entire career so, I mean, what could be better than that?”

There has been a resurgence and interest in Valli’s career since the Broadway premiere of Jersey Boys in 2005. The jukebox musical has utilized Valli’s countless Top 40 hits to help tell the story of The Four Seasons, from inception to break-up and the scandalous stories with “undesirable” individuals in between.

After more than sixty years in entertainment, Valli — a few weeks shy of his 81st birthday — shows no signs of slowing down or burning out, though he admits much of his day involves handlers putting him in a car and driving him to whatever destinations and appointments he has. Nonetheless, retirement isn’t in the cards for Valli.

[PHOTOS] Frankie Valli In Studio with Scott Shannon

“I really don’t understand why it wears out… if you’re that successful in a business that everyone wants to get into,” Valli adds.

Valli will be performing at the Beacon Theatre Thursday and Friday, March 19th and 20th, as well as the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn Saturday, March 21st. Tickets can be purchased through

Listen to Scott Shannon in the Morning’s full interview with Frankie Valli below.

Frankie Valli in studio

frankievalli 03 Frankie Vallis Entire Career Has Been A Vacation
Shannon in the Morning

–E.J. Judge/CBS Local


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