Tom Green Recalls The Stunt That Landed Him A Show On MTV

Tom Green jokingly refers to his career as coming full circle: from public access, to MTV, and back into the humble confines of his living room. To be fair, his professional TV studio has been moved from his living room to a warehouse and his show streams on the internet, available to a much larger audience than the one Rogers Television 22 in the Ottawa was able to reach about 20 years ago.

Undoubtedly, Green’s big break was landing his own show on MTV. The Tom Green Show ran from 1999 until 2003; its popularity led to the creation of “Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song)” — a song that reached the #1 spot on MTV’s Total Request Live, and was soon forced into retirement amid pressure from producers to “maintain the image” of TRL — and Green’s cult classic Freddy Got Fingered.

The moment that possibly helped Green seal the deal with MTV executives and launch his career might be thanks to a stunt he pulled during a meeting at The House of Blues in Los Angeles. The brass, having caught wind of the stunts he pulled for his cable access show, asked Green to pitch his idea for a show on MTV.

“It really doesn’t make a lot of sense now how I got the show because for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to smuggle in a can of shaving cream into my bag,” recalls Green. “And at the end of the pitch, I laid down on the board room table with all the MTV executives and just covered myself in shaving cream and screamed that I wanted to be on MTV.”

“I guess they liked it because they gave me the show,” he adds. “I tried to confuse them.”

Green has also begun a successful stand-up career in recent years and will be performing at Caroline’s On Broadway for one show tonight (2/12) at 7:30PM and two shows tomorrow night (2/13) at 7:30PM and 10PM. Tickets are available for purchase at

Watch Tom Green’s full interview with Scott Shannon in the Morning above where he discusses more of his career and being thankful that YouTube wasn’t around twenty years ago to display his wild antics for the rest of time. And don’t forget to check out his show and more videos over at!



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