Barry Manilow Talks Finishing His Touring Career In Brooklyn & The ‘Jerk Phase’ Of Young Stars

Manilow has a solution he hopes young stars realize early and don't forget, before they fall into what he calls "the a****** period": drop the entourage.

We’re not sure how many miles Barry Manilow has traveled during his 40+ year career, but there comes a point for every musician when they become weary of the road. The age of 71 is that point for Manilow.

“I’m not retiring or anything like that. This is the last big tour,” says Manilow of his career and One Last Time tour. “It’s been 40 years… of roaming the Earth… I don’t like the idea of retiring. I’ll probably be making records and I’ll do one-nighters and all, but this is the last of the touring for me.”

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The tour, which begins in Omaha, Nebraska on February 11th and includes 28 shows, will appropriately come to a close at home in Brooklyn on June 17th — his 72nd birthday — at the Barclays Center. “It feels great to end in New York. Come on! I mean, this is where it started,” added Manilow. “I’d like all my Brooklyn [and] New York friends to come and say ‘goodbye’ to me. It would be great.”

In addition to culminating in Brooklyn, the One Last Time tour will include other area dates: Nassau Coliseum on March 27th in Long Island and the Prudential Center on June 14th in Newark, NJ.

While calling into the CBS-FM Star Phone with Scott Shannon this morning, Manilow also illustrated the troubles young musicians (or any celebrities, for that matter) have when coming of age with too much money and fame.

“I always say that fame is more difficult to handle than failure… you got to be strong to handle fame,” says Manilow. “Failure, yeah, you can kvetch and you can complain. But fame, you got to be grounded.”

“Sometimes I look at these young kids and I say a little prayer because I know what they’re about to go through… People treat you differently, they kiss your ass.”

Not a day goes by on the internet without a story involving spoiled man-baby Justin Bieber and his immature antics making headlines. To make matters worse, actions that would land Average Joe/JoAnne in jail — or at least with a crippling fine and financial burden — typically fall by the wayside of the Hollywood Freeway, reinforcing the notion that celebrities with too much money and free time, like Bieber, who aren’t grounded don’t have to be held accountable for their actions.

Manilow has a solution he hopes young stars realize early and don’t forget, before they fall into what he calls “the a****** period”: drop the entourage.

“If it hits you when you’re really young, you better have your family and your old friends near you to keep pulling you back because otherwise you just go crazy,” says Manilow. “They know who you are. They won’t let you go to that other place.”

Scott Shannon, who more eloquently refers to that period of time in some stars’ careers as “the jerk period,” recalls a certain artist who hasn’t been sucked into the consequence-free Hollywood void: Taylor Swift, whose career Shannon has followed from the beginning and discussed with the star late last year.

While young stars find themselves at a fork in the road early in their careers, Manilow is approaching his last stop, coming home on June 17th. Find tickets for his One Last Time tour to purchase here.

Barry Manilow on the STAR PHONE

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