Sting Joins “The Last Ship” On Broadway

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Joining us in the Big Show studio this morning is a Golden Globe & EMMY winner, 16-time GRAMMY award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who has sold over 100 million records solo and with his band The Police to date – the one and only, Sting.

On Broadway now is the musical “The Last Ship” – which opened on October 26th at the Neil Simon Theatre – with music and lyrics by our esteemed guest.

The singer officially joined the cast on December 9th and steps into the role of Jackie White, the foreman of a shipyard who rallies his community to build one last ship meant to sail the world. Jackie White was originally played by Sting’s friend Jimmy Nail, and he will pass the baton back to Jimmy on January 24th.

“It’s a love story,” says Sting. ” With a beautiful woman who has two suitors – one of them less savory than the other – and there’s a big debate among women about who she should go with.”

Diving a little deeper into the story with Shannon in the Morning co-host Patty Steele, he explains that “Gideon is bit more dangerous [than Arthur]. So, I asked Trudy, my wife, who she would go with. And she said, Gideon, the dangerous one.”

Patty wholeheartedly agrees, “No question!”

Continuing with his explanation of the plot, Sting says “It’s a musical, and it’s set in a very unlikely place – a shipyard in the north of England. And it’s set there because it’s my hometown, and the people I grew up with were shipyard workers. I would have probably ended up there had I not gotten a scholarship to a school where I got a good education. So I escaped.”

“It’s ironic that I’ve gone back there,” he continued, “to imaginatively recreate the town that I exiled myself from. It was a community under siege, economically, and my producer said that great drama happens in communities under siege. Woven in this thing is a great love story and a great father-son story of reconciliation. It’s about community, duty, love, sex, religion, death – it’s got it all.”

Sting says his favorite song from the production is “the one about the pugilist,” which again made Patty the happiest gal in NYC.

You may remember that back in the fall of 2013, Sting introduced some of the songs heard in the musical on his own album called “The Last Ship.”

Now, the original Broadway cast recording is in stores, featuring the title track “The Last Ship,” production favorites “We’ve Got Now’t Else” and “If You Ever See Me Talking to a Sailor” plus “When We Dance,” one of Sting’s most popular songs from his solo catalogue. There are also two versions of the ballad “What Say You, Meg?” – one sung by the character, Arthur Millburn, and one recorded by Sting as a bonus track.

Hey thanks for dropping by, #Sting! Be sure to check out #thelastship on #broadway, buckaroos.

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Tickets for “The Last Ship” at the Neil Simon Theater are on sale now at

–Joe Cingrana, Scott Shannon in the Morning/WCBS-FM

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