Paul Rosolie, The Guy Who Was Supposed To Be Eaten Alive By A Snake But Wasn’t, Calls Up Scott Shannon

Talk about your all-time let downs.

Several weeks ago, when Discovery aired a trailer for a show called Eaten Alive that promised someone would be eaten… alive, the world went crazy. “Insane”; “stupid”; and “OMG I HAVE TO WATCH THIS” were the reactions people had.

So when the show aired on Sunday, December 7th, viewers expected wildlife specialist Paul Rosolie to be eaten alive by and anaconda, one of the world’s largest snakes. But after 70 minutes of build up, Rosolie called it, saying that his arm would snap, despite the suit he was wearing.

Rosolie called up the CBS-FM Star Phone to speak with Scott Shannon and clear up any discrepancies viewers had.

“A lot of people are going off, but it’s all good,” began Rosolie. “When You work with wild animals, you can’t guarantee anything.”

And he is right. As intelligent and as advanced at humans are, we can’t control the wild, especially when we are in their natural habitat.

“We were out there for 60 days trying to catch the big one… all that thing had to do was turn around and crush me in a second,” said Rosolie. The team went with the secondary snake and, to his surprise, she actually made an attempt to try and eat him.

“I felt that suit made my head way too bulky for her head to get over,” he said. “It was an honest attempt and we did a great job of starting a study of the anaconda.”

Rosolie describes the letdown was due to high expectations that “over-promised in the marketing and the reporting.” Certainly, Discovery did their job to put eyes on screens(it was their most watched show in years), but it just added to America’s skepticism.

Listen below for Scott Shannon’s full interview with Paul Rosolie.

Paul Rosolie on the STAR PHONE

460045408 Paul Rosolie, The Guy Who Was Supposed To Be Eaten Alive By A Snake But Wasnt, Calls Up Scott Shannon
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