Broken Wrists & Ebola: Dr. Oz Gives All The Advice You’ll Need

People are approaching this Ebola scare in two ways: hysteria or indifference. Regardless of your outlook on the disease, you need to be both smart and honest when dealing with the possibility of being infected, according to Dr. Oz.

“If you really don’t meticulously check your temperature or you sort of fudge it; ‘Eh, it wasn’t quite 100, maybe I’ll put a little ice in my mouth here, now it’s back under 100’ because I want to go shopping and go to a movie, then you end up not being able to say in a black and white fashion, ‘this person should not be on the streets.'”

If Ebola doesn’t have you on edge, then you better be weary of a very common injury that many tend to overlook around this time of year: a broken wrist. That’s right. The cold weather means slippery streets and ice skating, meaning the temperature isn’t the only thing taking a fall.

“The wrist has ten bones in it,” says Dr. Oz. “So when you land on it the wrong way you can really do some damage to it.”

“The most important thing is to not be rigid,” adds Dr. Oz. “Our entire weight lands on that very delicate area.”

Listen to more of Dr. Oz’s time on Scott Shannon in the Morning below.

Dr. Oz on the STAR PHONE (AGAIN)

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Shannon in the Morning

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