Get Ready To Cut Loose, ‘Footloose’ Singer Kenny Loggins Is Coming To Town

Toss your Sunday shoes aside because ‘Footloose’ singer Kenny Loggins has a slew of upcoming shows sure to please fans in the tri-state area.

Grammy award-winner Loggins called in to the Big Show star phone to talk with Scott Shannon about what sets his concerts apart, his upcoming Kickstarter campaign for his country band Blue Sky Riders, and the origins of his first recorded song ‘House at Pooh Corner.’

With multiple shows lined up in the coming weeks Loggins is excited to reach out to his fans. Enjoying taking his time at shows and sharing stories with the audience Loggins says, “We do a lot of what they call repartee, you get up there and you just start to jam with the audience and talk about stuff.”

Likening his shows to Nashville’s infamous Bluebird Café where songwriters come to sing the songs they wrote for other artists and tell the story behind them Loggins told us, “We do a section in the show we call the ‘bluebird’ section where we do like The Bluebird Café . . . Gradually I’ve developed these stories that I remember about how these songs came to being and I integrate these stories into my show and so it becomes a sort of life and times. It’s really been cool.”

Kenny Loggins on the STAR PHONE

485175659 Get Ready To Cut Loose, Footloose Singer Kenny Loggins Is Coming To Town
Shannon in the Morning

And ‘Footloose’ fans fear not, Loggins never gets tired of playing one of his biggest hits. “It’s really fun. I always say what other job lets you go to work and all the beautiful ladies get up and dance for you as soon as you show up.”

For fans of Loggins country outlet Blue Sky Riders, now is your chance to get in on the action and actually be featured on the bands upcoming album. The band is using Kickstarter to fund their next album and is promising all kinds of perks, like one on one Skype calls with Loggins and the opportunity to be featured in a cover of classic Beatles tune ‘Hey Jude.’

Loggins is excited about the band’s partnership with Kickstarter because of the doors it opens between band and fans. “What we discovered when we launched into Kickstarter was that its not just a way to fund the making of a record, it’s a way to create a community . . . This completely involves the audience in the process of making the record . . . You really connect to the audience and they connect to me and the act. You create a level of allegiance that never existed before.”

And Loggins even shared with listeners the origin of his first big break with the song ‘House at Pooh Corner.’ He wrote the song in high school but it wasn’t until he performed it a party that anything came of it. Members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band loved the tune and were eager to record it. However, Loggins soon got the call that Disney’s lawyers were blocking the recording of the song. That’s when fate stepped in. He revealed, “I didn’t know, I hadn’t realized that I was dating the daughter of the CEO of the Disney Corporation. And so she took me home to meet Daddy, I sang ‘House at Pooh Corner’ and he called off the dogs . . . It was divine intervention.”

Fans of Loggins can check out show dates and get tickets at Fans can also go to for a great way to get involved with Blue Sky Riders and learn about their new music.

–Zach Cole & Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

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