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[VIDEO] Skydiver Almost Gets Hit By Meteorite

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Skydiving already provides an immediate rush and provides a sense of danger, and that’s when everything goes according to plan. Now add an element of surprise and you’re entering full freak out.

Anders Helstrup, a member of the Oslo Parachute Club, was with several other members on a jump that left from Eastern Era airport in Hedmark in 2012. Wearing a wing suit and with dual cameras mounted on his helmet, Helstrup took the leap and deployed his parachute as planned. That plan went out the window when a meteorite came within just a few feet of hitting him.

Watch the video below — we believe they’re speaking Norwegian, but you can see the object come dangerously close to him.

“The shape is typical of meteorites – fresh fracture surface on one side, the other side is rounded,” says geologist Hans Amundsen.

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