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This Is The Most Amazing ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Bonus Round Solve Ever

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(AP Photo/Alice Keeney)

(AP Photo/Alice Keeney)

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Those Wheel Of Fortune bonus puzzles sure can be vague and feel impossible to solve when that quickly diminishing clock begins to run down.

It happened to Emil Wednesday night as he attempted to add to his winnings in the final moments. It’s a THING; three words; a total of 12 letters. The combination of the given “RSTLNE” and his chosen letters of “HMDO” did him no favors: he was yielded just two of the twelve letters.

SIDE NOTE: We don’t know about you, maybe it’s the regional bias, but when we see “NE_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,” the only logical start to that puzzle is “NEW YORK _ _ _ _ _.”

Anyway, what happened next appeared to be impossible.

NEW BABY BUGGY? You can’t be serious. Emil won himself an additional $45,000, bringing his total winnings to $63,099.

In case you missed it during the commotion, Pat Sajak was in complete disbelief.


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