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Darlene Love On Her 27th Letterman Performance And More!

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Photo: CBS Radio Digital

Photo: CBS Radio Digital

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It’s a fun tradition!

Every year around this time we check in with one of our favorite people on earth: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Darlene Love!

We can’t officially usher in the Christmas Season on the Dan Taylor morning show until we talk to Darlene, and she is always busy this time of year!

This year, Darlene is performing her #1 holiday classic “Christmas Baby Please Come Home” for the 27th time. (Last year, Darlene got to sit on the couch with Dave for the first time!)

I spoke to Darlene about her busy schedule, including her annual Christmas show at B.B. King’s, her involvement with Carole King’s MusicCares tribute and her documentary 20 Feet From Stardom, which is starting to get Oscar buzz!

Can’t wait to speak to Darlene again next holiday season!

Darlene says “I want to wish a merry Christmas to you, all the CBS listeners and all my wonderful fans!”

Don’t miss Darlene on Dave Letterman this Friday, December 20th on CBS-2!

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