The Social Experiment That Made Every Subway Conductor Smile [VIDEO]

"Point here if... You are not wearing pants right now."
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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The life of a New York City subway conductor is a rather lonely one: you’re cooped up in a small, loud room with no one to talk to. The repetition of the job can also lead to a monotonous day: push a lever, pull a lever, make various announcements, repeat.

There is also one rule each conductor is required to follow that you most likely didn’t know about. There is a black and white striped board at each of the 468 subway stations in New York City that every conductor must point to, similar to the one pictured below at the Houston St. 1 train just a block away from CBS Radio.

Photos: E.J. Judge/CBS Local

Photos: E.J. Judge/CBS Local

The reason? To prove they are paying attention.

Writer and humorist Yosef Lerner decided to partake in a bit of a social experiment that would also put a smile on the faces of subway conductors. When a conductor had to point to the designated black and white striped board, he was met by a person holding a sign reading “Point Here If…”

Watch the video to see what happens.

Here are the various signs Lerner used:

  • You are not wearing pants right now
  • You have taken a selfie while driving
  • You have seen a passenger naked
  • Shoot the target with your laser finger [bullseye]
  • You are dead sexy
  • You still love Thomas The Tank Engine
  • Snape kills Dumbledore
  • The 2nd Ave Subway is a lie
  • NY is the greatest city in the world

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