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A Bottle Of Red, Bottle Of White…Happy Birthday Dan Taylor!

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Happy birthday Dan! (Louis Pulice/CBS Radio)

Happy birthday Dan! (Louis Pulice/CBS Radio)

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It’s September 18th, meaning we get to celebrate Dan Taylor’s birthday!

It’s always a fun day at the CBS-FM studios because I treat Dan and the staff to my homemade cupcakes (which I make from scratch), and it’s just nice to get the crew together.

On top of the cupcakes and some champagne, we bought Dan a nice bottle of Cabernet and a box of assorted Nat Sherman Cigars…his favorites! I know he can “unwind” this weekend for sure!

As they do each year, the staff stuffed into the studio near the end of the show and sang happy birthday!

Check out the yearly staff photo we take on DT’s big day:

The CBS-FM Family! (Louis Pulice/CBS Radio)

The CBS-FM Family! (Louis Pulice/CBS Radio)

Leave your birthday wishes for Dan in the comments section below, but remember what Dan always says, “age is just a number and mine is unlisted!”

dt birthday surprise

–Deb Rodriguez/WCBS-FM

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