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Huey Lewis and the Exhaustive Work Behind the ‘Sports’ Reissue

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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Huey Lewis and the News released the 30th Anniversary Edition of Sports — their breakthrough, chart topping album — on May 14, 2013. They have been performing the album from top to bottom all Spring and Summer while on tour and will bring their act to The Harry Chapin Band Shell at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow on August 17th for CBS-FM’s Saturday in the Park.

Preparing the 30th Anniversary Edition was more work than one might believe. The two-disc set included a remastered version of Sports, which, considering its age, is presented with a unique challenge to overcome.

“We had all this live stuff on analog tape,” explains Lewis, who spoke with CBS-FM’s Dan Taylor this morning. “Which you know, deteriorates over time.” Also a part of the two-disc set are live versions of each of the songs featured on Sports. The task of listening to all of the their live performances from the past 30 years was a tedious and painstaking task undertaken by the band.

“It necessitated listening to all those reels of taped music we had,” says Lewis. “And… baking them and getting them into the digital domain.” Lewis credits guitarist, sax player and songwriting partner Johnny Colla with much of the undertaking. The live performances include performances as early as “Walking on a Thin Line” from Chicago in 1983 and “I Want a New Drug” from Sydney, Australia in 1989.

Listen to Dan Taylor’s full interview with Huey Lewis below:

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