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Show Prep with ‘Broadway’ Bill Lee: Bust Your Butt with Burpees

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Looks like an innocent push up, but that's just part of it (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images).

Looks like an innocent push up, but that’s just part of it (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images).

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One of the greatest jobs in the world is working on-air at a radio station. Spinning the greatest music and talking to millions of people has become the envy of many and the profession of just a select few.

But being one of New York City’s most popular disc jockeys is more than showing up, spinning a few records and switching on the mic. Show prep is a huge part of a jocks’ day. For “Broadway” Bill Lee, that means getting his adrenaline pumping with a fierce workout.

This week, “Broadway” shows you the Burpee. It’s been a staple in the military and in recent years has crept its way into gyms across the country. The burpee is the ultimate exercise: it works your arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs, butt, thighs AND improves your cardio. That means improved heart health.

Added to “Broadway” Bill Lee’s playlist this week is Robert Palmer’s “Bad Case of Loving You.” Be on the lookout in a couple weeks for BBL’s Sweatin’ and Show Preppin’ Spotify playlist.

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