We Can’t Work It Out: Beatles Tributes Battle Over Rights To Broadway

Let It Be is facing off against Rain, but not in a battle of the best Beatles songs. Instead this is a stand off that will be taking place in court between two tribute bands who have each brought their mop tops to Broadway.

The Beatles tribute show, Rain, which was on Broadway for nine months from 2010 to 2011, is suing Let It Be, which begins previews of its own tribute show next week.

According to The New York TimesRain is claiming that Let It Be has used some of the same musical arrangements, between-song banter and even wigs. According to court papers, all but 3 of the 31 songs featured in Rain are also in Let It Be and “the artwork used as background during the performance of many of those songs are similar or identical.”

Rain isn’t actually trying to stop Let It Be from opening; rather it wants 50 percent of the show’s revenues, and also for the Rain Corporation (which represents the tribute act) to be listed as a joint author.

The lawsuit claims that the Rain Corporation supplied Let It Be with its script, sent Rain cast members to Nevada for Let It Be rehearsals and even “oversaw the cast’s costume fitting and wig cutting/styling.”

If you’re not deterred by lawsuits, you can get ticket information at Let It Be‘s official website. The show is set to premiere July 25.

Brian Ives, Radio.com 

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