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NJ Gov. Chris Christie Adds ‘Psycho Killer’ To His Feel Good Spotify Playlist

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Photo of Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Photo of Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently made a Spotify playlist, just weeks into the Summer season and days before the 4th of July: certainly prime time for a collection of feel good Summer jams. Unfortunately, Governor Christie isn’t as good at making playlists as he is galvanizing a shattered community.

The concept is good for a playlist titled “Down The Shore, Everything’s Alright”: plenty of local artists from the tri-state area, kicking it off with Bruce Spingsteen‘s “Backstreets” and following it up with some Southside Johnny, Bon Jovi and Sinatra. There’s something for the millennials, too: nothing screams modern day New Jersey rock ‘n’ roll like The Gaslight Anthem; New York-based fun. is included; Christie even adds “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas for the D’Jais crowd. The (arguably) greatest Summer of all time is also included with Bryan Adams‘s “Summer of ’69.”

But Christie’s third track on his “Down The Shore, Everything’s Alright” playlist is a questionable one, considering its title: “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. Yes, it’s a great song from a seminal band from New York during the punk/new wave era. But, is everything really alright when a serial killer is on the loose? Totally sets the tone for a midnight stroll on the boardwalk at night.

The playlist only includes 14 songs, amassing just 1 hour and 28 seconds. Consider 17 minutes and 32 seconds is dedicated to Bruce Springsteen, you’re not receiving much variety.

Christie should probably consult John Cusack from High Fidelity on how to make the proper /compilation/mix/playlist. “Psycho Killer” is a bit past “cool down” and steers more towards “you’re going to be cold in the ground.”

Listen to Governor Christie’s playlist below. It won’t take very long.

–E.J. Judge/CBS Local

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