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Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick Inducted Into New Jersey Hall of Fame Class of 2013

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The most powerful voice begat by the Garden State will be inducted into New Jersey’s Hall of Fame Class of 2013. The late Whitney Houston leads a class of 16 entrants, ranging in various categories: Historical, enterprise, arts & entertainment, sports and general. There is also an Unsung Hero Award delivered each year. The nominees were announced in early April, with a voting deadline of May 3rd.

The class of 2013 was announced Monday (6/24) during a news conference. Officials representing the New Jersey Hall of Fame also revealed a mobile museum that will highlight how each inductee helped shape and change the world.

The Newark-born Houston heads the arts & entertainment category, along with Grammy-award winning singer Dionne Warwick; actor and comedian Joe Piscopo; and actor, director and screenwriter Alan Alda.

Other inductees include Super Bowl-winning New York Giants coach Bill Parcells and former world heavyweight boxing champion Jersey Joe Walcott in sports; President Grover Cleveland in historical; and famous make-up artist Bobbi Brown in enterprise.

For the complete list of New Jersey’s Hall of Fame Class of 2013, go to

– E.J. Judge, CBS Local

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