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Revisiting The Past Helps Rod Stewart Find Inspiration For New Album ‘Time’

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Tim Whitby/Getty Images

Tim Whitby/Getty Images

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Since parting ways with Faces and embarking on a solo career over 40 years ago, Rod Stewart has never gone more than four years without releasing a studio album, amassing 28 in total. Yet it has been twenty years since he has put pen to paper and written an original song of his own, dating back to Vagabond Heart in 1991. In that time he’s been aided by other songwriters, predominantly dedicating the past decade to several volumes of pop standards known as The Great American Songbook.

But when Stewart began writing his autobiography Rod several years ago, something clicked and a previously void well of creativity became a source of inspiration once again.

“I just sort of lost interest and wasn’t inspired to write anything,” said Stewart of the previous two decades. “And then… I started to write the book and the memories plugged back.”

No subject from Stewart’s past goes untouched, from the pain of divorce on “It’s Over” to his own waistline on “She Makes Me Happy.” Overall, Time is a look back on his entire life and career.

Stewart’s re-inspired songwriting was just an added benefit while penning his autobiography. The most important aspect was telling his story without it being convoluted by others.

“That’s the great thing about doing an autobiography. You can sort out all the truths and half-truths.” Among them was his attempt at becoming a professional footballer, greatly exaggerated by the UK press, and the early escapades of himself, Ronnie Wood and Janis Joplin.

“Ronnie and I, being a couple of cute English guys… I think she (Joplin) fancied us,” says Stewart. “I think fancied Ronnie more than me and she used to run after him.”

Listen to DT’s full interview with Rod Stewart:

Rod Stewart’s new album Time is available in stores and on iTunes. now. His autobiography, Rod, can be purchased at Amazon.com.

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