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Oscars Central: List Of Winners And Highlights Of The Broadcast

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(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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The academy definitely spread the wealth at the 85th Oscars last night, with the most awards going to “Life of Pi” at just four total.

Take a look at the major winners from last night and our thoughts on the big event.

The Big winners include:

•             Anne Hathaway wins best supporting actress for Les Miserables

•             Christoph Walz was a surprise, winning best supporting actor for Django Unchained

•             Jennifer Lawrence wins best supporting actress for Silver Linings Playbook

•             As expected, Daniel Day Lewis wins best actor for Lincoln

•             Ang Lee wins best director for Life of Pi

And of course, Ben Affleck swept top honors this awards season, capped off with the best picture Oscar for Argo. He was emotional during his acceptance speech:

There’s a ton to talk about after the awards show, here’s a couple of things we found buzz worthy from around the web:

Biggest complaint of the night on twitter and Facebook: there was too much time between the actual awards given out!

Reviews for Seth Macfarlane as host were mixed, at best:

  • Time Magazine called him “American Dud”
  • USA Today says it was a “self indulgent mix”
  • Reuters says MacFarlane “lived up to his provocative image “
  • The times says Macfarlane “hosted the Oscar show for all ages”

Ben Affleck had the biggest standing ovation of the night, winning top honors for Argo (and a well deserved one after sweeping all the top honors this awards season).

Jennifer Lawrence took a nasty fall when coming up to accept her “best actress” award but recovered nicely on stage.

The “Jaws” theme used as “hurry-up music” to cut acceptance speeches short was great!

Listen to DT’s Oscars review and tell us what you think:

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