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Finding Romance At The Office This Valentine’s Day

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(Photo by ELMER MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by ELMER MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

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Valentine’s Day is only a day away, and are you still looking for Cupid? Maybe you shouldn’t be looking so far! Love blooms at the office more than you know it.

The career website “Payscale” conducted a survey that shows one in ten people wind up in relationships of some romantic kind or another…at work.

These are the professions to be in if you want a better chance of hooking up with a co-worker:

  • Cooks, Stock clerks on Wall Street and Welders are in the top five.
  • Industrial Machinery workers, car service repair people and food service managers see lots of action.
  • Number one…at the top of the list?

Artists! 8.3 percent say, yup, they’ve found love…or at least romance…at the office!

See the full list of office romance from the Huffington Post and take our poll:

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