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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

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The 'Happy Couple' out for a ride!

The ‘Happy Couple’ out for a ride!

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Things can get pretty tricky when it comes to buying gifts for the man in your life on Valentine’s Day.

Clothes are a risky option, and you should probably stay away from getting him that new treadmill!

Consumer Affairs has creative gift ideas he might like:

The Slingbox – Wow him with this device that allows him to watch and control his home TV from anywhere in the world, directly from his computer, laptop or phone!

A Jukebox CD Player – A cool gift idea for the music lover. The retro look from the 1950’s holds a bunch of CD’s and is small enough to fit on any table or counter top. It also comes with an AM/FM radio and built in speakers!

Clocky clock – To help get him up in the morning, the Clocky alarm clock is designed for the person who is a habitual snooze-button pusher…

What’s different about this sturdy alarm clock are its wheels that allow the Clocky to roll right off the night stand as it’s going off!  This makes it impossible for you to hit the snooze button from your bed!

Think guys should get Valentine’s Day gifts? Listen to what Dan, Deb and G say:

See more Valentine’s Day gifts for the guys at the Consumer Affairs website and take our poll:

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