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Romance-Related Messages Removed From Fortune Cookies For ‘Suggestive Language’

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Romance is dead…in your fortune cookie!

The world’s biggest fortune-cookie manufacturer has removed romantic messages in response to complaints from parents of young children.

The Brooklyn-based Wonton Food makes the cookies and says “suggestive” fortunes are now gone, like:

  • “One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes”
  • “Romance and travel go together”
  • “The evening promises romantic interest”
  • “A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life”

Saucy messages have been replaced by “milder” fortunes, such as:

  • “You make every day special”
  • “No one on Earth is as beautiful as you”
  • “Only love makes us see ordinary things in an extraordinary way.”

Fortune-cookie experts, including the author of “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles” agree it’s best to keep messages bland.

The company churns out five million cookies every day from manufacturing plants in Long Island City and boasts a catalog of about 10,000 fortunes.

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