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Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas On A Budget

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(Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for NIVEA)

(Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for NIVEA)

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Valentine’s Day is a week away, and while money is continually tight for some of us, you can still have a romantic time that’s fun and unique…and not too expensive!

Here are a few you can plan in the next week:

Cook together – Especially if this isn’t something you do often! Working together toward a common goal is a great way to bond with your significant other.

Make a photo album – Go back to old fashioned film. Buy a disposable camera or a roll of film and fill it up with snaps throughout your day! Anything to remind them of your time together.

Do something different – Visit a museum, go ice skating, go to the local theater or art gallery. Doing something ‘out of the norm’ could help you learn something new about each other!

Go on a picnic – What could be more romantic? It’s too cold to go to the park, so try it at home! A picnic is not only cheap, it’s thoughtful and will create plenty of intimacy.

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