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VOTE: John Lennon’s Greatest Song As A Solo Artist

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Photo by Brenda Chase/Newsmakers

Photo by Brenda Chase/Newsmakers

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CBS-FM is turning February into Fab-uary (Get it?) every week on Beatles Wednesday. Each week we’ll be highlighting the music of one member of the Fab Four in the CBS-FM Hall of Fame. That’s an entire day dedicated to John, Paul, George or Ringo.

Today you’ll be hearing the work of John Lennon. Lennon carried the momentum from his time as one half of the greatest songwriting duo of all time right into his own solo career, stirring controversy with his views on politics and peace.

Outside of The Beatles, Lennon had numerous songs rise up the charts like “Imagine,” “(Just Like) Starting Over” and “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On).” But which of Lennon’s solo efforts was the best of them all?

Cast your vote for John Lennon’s greatest song of all time. If your choice doesn’t appear in the poll, mention it in the comments section and we’ll tally up the write in votes! When the dust settles, we’ll rank Lennon’s 10 greatest songs of all time as voted on by you!

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