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February Bargain Shopping Facts And Tips

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(FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

(FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

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February is a big month for shopping, maybe even the best! Retailers traditionally take advantage of a combination of President’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the end of winter to give you the best prices possible.

On clothing, the average discount is 47% off!

If you want to take full advantage, there are tips for savvy shoppers:

  • Shop early before it’s all gone!
  • With so many online services offering free shipping and returns, it’s a good idea to order the same thing in two different sizes so you get it just right. Sending the wrong size back…is a snap.
  • If you hate wasting time picking over the sales racks, check out a website called “Shop It To Me.”

You can enter your favorite stores, your clothing or shoe size and what items you’re looking for. It sends you daily e-mails telling you when your items are on sale and for how much!

Debbie signed up this morning to check it out and says it’s great! Like a personal shopper who shows up in your email!

Read more February shopping tips from the Wall Street Journal and take our poll:

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