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Manhattan Restaurants Banning You From Taking Photos Of Food?

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Do you hate when people take photos of their food at restaurants? Many managers here New York City have decided to ban that practice!

They are sick of people using Instagram or uploading photos to review sites like Yelp instead of enjoying their food!

One manager says the flashing cameras “totally disrupt the ambiance.”

The Times says a number of restaurants in Manhattan have banned cameras completely so people don’t disturb others’ dining experiences.

Some places will only allow you to take pictures of their dishes right outside the kitchen, by request.

So what happens if someone disregards these rules? You will be given a stern warning. Second time, you are asked to leave (only a couple of restaurants have threatened removal, but who knows where this could lead to?).

Dan Deb and G discuss:

Read more about the camera policy from the New York Times and take our poll:

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