The Best Commercials From Super Bowl XLVII

Safe to day that lots of folks are still talking about the ads from the Superbowl last night!  Some were cute, some were clever, others were just plain old gross! The bottom line, a bunch of them were memorable.

Check out some of the commercials we thought stood out from the pack.

Maybe the most touching?  Dan loved the Budweisder Clydesdale ad with the guy who raises the baby horse and has to give it up when it’s old enough to go to work…then…years later…they’re reunited.

Louis liked the Samsung ad with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen! You know, the one where he says “So we just use Seth…in a diaper.  You would wear a diaper for Samsung, right?  And Seth says “I would wear a diaper!”

The one that Debbie found to have the biggest “disgusting factor” had to be the Go Daddy spot with supermodel Bar Rafaeli and the nerd kissing!

Listen to everyone discuss their favorites (and make fun of Mr. G, of course):

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