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American Kennel Club Releases Annual List Of Top Dog Breeds

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Dan and Duke.
1599450_740089366008954_1315479800_o Dan Taylor
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The American Kennel Club released their annual list of the nation’s most popular dogs yesterday, ranking the top 10 breeds.  Where did Dan’ buddy show up this year?

Larger breeds dominate as usual:

  • The Bulldog comes in 5th
  • The Beagle is 4th (and the only smaller breed toward the top of the list)
  • The Golden Retriever comes in 3rd
  • The German Shepherd still commands the #2 spot

And for the 22nd straight year the Labrador Retriever is the nation’s most popular dog!

See the full AKC top dog list by clicking HERE and check out Dan’s two favorite guys below, Monte and Duke!

Monte & Duke head home with Dan

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