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Study: Long Drives To Work May Spark Weight Gain

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(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

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How’s the New Year’s resolution going to lose weight? Not so great? Maybe you spend too much time driving!

A new study from Australia shows people who have a long commute gain a lot more weight than people who don’t spend much time in the car.

Car commuters actually gain an average of four pounds over four years!

One big reason is that when you’re in the car for longer periods of time, you tend to buy a lot of your food on the run and eat it that way, too.

It’s called “eating while distracted.” It’s the same problem you run into when you eat at your desk or in front of the TV. You probably consume more calories than you want to because you’re not paying attention.

Suggestions? Try to save eating for mealtimes at the kitchen or dinner table. And, take smaller bites.

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