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Are There Benefits To This Ice Cold Weather?

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It’s been tough to get through the past couple of days because it’s been so darned cold. But there are actually benefits to this arctic weather. Here are some of the cold, hard facts:

Studies show the cold weather revs up the “brown fat” in your body to burn off “white fat.” So, just by being cold, you burn calories!

This weather brings us closer together! When you’re holed up inside trying to avoid the cold, you probably feel more like reaching out to your friends and family on the phone.

The ticks and mosquitos are dying off! Since they thrive in warmer weather, they have less of a chance of living to see warmer weather.

We’re learning not to take the nice weather for granted so when it comes back, we’ll be a lot happier to experience it than usual.

Indulge! Unless you’re headed to the Caribbean, the pressure’s off to get a bikini body!

Read more of the cold benefits from the Huffington Post and take our poll:

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