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Your Guide To The Ultimate ‘Girlfriend Getaway’

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(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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No offense to the men, but a lot of women say they need “girlfriend getaways” once in a while. It’s about quality time, good food and sightseeing with “besties.”

Where are the best place to go? Travel Girl Magazine has some suggestions:

  • A lot of women like group activities like wine tastings, cooking school classes and jewelry making lessons.
  • For wine, California’s Santa Ynez Valley is a good one.
  • For cooking, Travel Girl recommends Charleston, South Carolina.

For groups with diverse interests, New York City and Las Vegas are popular because they offer so much.

College towns like Madison, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas are options because they’re more affordable and are still considered ‘sophisticated.’

Austin also offers the “Travaasa” for a yoga/spa retreat for lots of girlfriend “Ohm” time!

What would Dan and Mr. G do on a “guy getaway?” Deb gives us the answer:

Find out more about girl getaways by clicking HERE and take our poll:

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