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The Butler Makes A Comeback: The Act Of ‘Butling’ A Growing Career

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Wouldn’t it be great to have someone hand you your shoes, polished to a shine every morning, and maybe iron your undies, too? How about someone to fetch you a hot cup of tea? You need a butler!

The popularity of butlers is soaring, thanks to the hit PBS series, Downton Abbey (We could all use someone like Carson, right?).

Companies like the Bespoke Bureau, which train men and women for service say a good butler must be:

  • loyal
  • trustworthy
  • discreet
  • skilled at getting out tough stains

It also helps to have a British accent!

The act of “butling” is what it’s called, and it can earn someone more than 200-thousand dollars a year.

If you’re interested in the work, Prince William and Catherine are said to be on the lookout for someone to hire!

Dan had a conversation with Carson the butler on Downton Abbey this morning (kinda):

Read more about the return of the Butler from CBS News and take our poll:

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