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The iPotty Hits The Market This March

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Remember when you’d have to bribe your kid with a new toy or some candy to get them to sit on the potty and do their business? Welcome to potty training 2013 style:

The iPotty has made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas last week!

It’s a standard plastic kid’s training toilet with a stand for an iPad so toddlers can get the hang of “going” grown-up style while they’re watching their favorite cartoons or TV shows.

It’ll go on sale on Amazon in March for $40 and one pediatrician says he’s not so sure it’ll teach wee ones how to leave their diapers behind.

He says they need to focus on what they’re doing and recognize the sensations of their body, not multi-task and be entertained.

Plus, you may have to train them to actually get OFF the potty, they’ll be having so much fun on there!

Mr. G just can’t stand the brunt of Dan’s toilet humor:

Read more about the iPotty from the Daily News and take our poll:

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