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Apply For A Rare Job Opportuinity To Work For Queen Elizabeth

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. LEWIS WHYLD/AFP/GettyImages

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. LEWIS WHYLD/AFP/GettyImages

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Looking for a tough job that pays very little, but puts you in the presence of royalty? Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England could use you!

The Official Website of the British Monarchy has a job listing for a position known as “General Catering Assistant (Wash-up).”

Your mission, should you be chosen, is to join the team responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Staff Restaurant, wash-up areas and equipment.

You can brag about working at Buckingham Palace, but you must be “happy to travel and work at other Royal residences in the UK and on weekends.”

Salary is roughly $22,775 and there’s a chance you will be handling tons of expensive fine china that absolutely must be washed by hand.

The ad insists you MUST have a “flexible and willing attitude.”

Sound like something you would want to do? Click HERE to apply and let us know if it works out!

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